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Over the past 35 years, we bought and sold 5 houses with the help of several realtor agents. I would say Angela Zhang is the best one so far. She helped us sold our house this May. From the day we decided to let her be our agent, to renovating and painting our 2900 square feet house, to staging and listing the house for sale, it only took us a little more than 3 weeks. We sold our house in 3 days. This was made possible by Angela. She has her own team of wonderful workers who came the next day after we decided to let her be our agent and started renovating and painting my house.( The charge for all the renovations was actually much lower than other contractors I asked to estimate doing the same job). During that process, Angela would come in to check on the progress several times. She asked the workers to help us move big furniture to basement or garage. She gave us advice as what needs to be done. She brought in new furniture and pictures, plants etc to stage my house. What was most helpful was she and her husband even came one Saturday and started hanging pictures, placing furniture and plants in appropriate places. She has great ideas and made my house so beautiful and presentable. The best part was she accepted my opinion and discussed with us about the staging. All these were included in her commission with no extra charges. The photographer she hired took wonderful pictures and video using drone. The video showed a luxurious house with extensive beautiful backyard. I almost regretted that I should sell my house😉. Angela gave good suggestions on the selling price we set. With all the help I mentioned above, I was able to sell my house almost 70-100k above what the other realtors estimated. I highly recommend Angela Zhang to be your realtor. As a matter of fact, one of my friends is already renovating their house using Angela as their agent. Two more families are lining up to interview her. The other thing I would also mention is that if you are a procrastinator, you tend to do thing very slowly, you may find Angela very helpful in helping you get your priorities set , or you may feel you a little bit overwhelmed. However, who would not get overwhelmed and stressed while selling one’s house, right? I would say Angela is a gentle and dedicated agent. She stands firm in certain aspects/principles, and those always turn out right because she has lots of experience in selling and buying houses in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She knows the market well . Again, I will give her 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My wife and I have been extremely happy with Angela's thorough, flexible, knowledgeable and totally professional service. Top notch start to finish. Communications have been prompt and complete. She is very hard working and we will certainly seek her out on future real estate dealings.

Angela Zhang is very professional and extremely good at what she does. She was very helpful and made sure we are ready for every step. I didn't really have to worry about if I missed anything. If you need help for selling and buying, she is the one you can trust! She knows the housing market very well and knows local towns very well too. She can figure out the house you like and the price range you feel comfortable very quickly. Oh, she is also very good at open house too. She sold my townhouse at broker open house! Angela Zhang is very patient, it doesn't matter how many houses you want to see in the same town or different towns. She can always be reachable. She always has many customers, but she can always make you feel you are the only one. We were very happy about this too. Angela Zhang is very good at negotiating. She sold our townhouse with much higher price than we expected and bought this house for us with lower price than we expected and it was a very good deal. She knows how to make it happen and how to deal with different sellers/buyers. We really think Angela is the best. We are very happy with our new home and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

We have worked with Angela Zhang since 2006. She helped us selling our old house in Westford and purchasing our current house in Boxborough. We were very satisfied with her service. Her expertise, knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication in real estate were deeply impressed us. She is very reachable and helpful whenever we need help. Angela is very patient and customer oriented. She is truly a problem solver. We have recommend Angela to all our personal friends and would highly recommend her to everyone who seeks services as we do.